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Suffering from the pain caused by an old injury? Get in touch with me. At Holly Hill Therapies, I am a qualified sports massage therapist who can offer expert treatments. My treatments can help to relieve pain caused by sports and other injuries. This massage is also suitable for those who like a deeper massage with greater pressure. Feel free to call me today to book an appointment.

Why choose my sports massage

  • Allows greater flexibility and relieves tension and knots (over a course of treatments)
  • Deeper tissue work improves circulation, useful to help repair torn muscle tissues
    Relieves fatigue in muscle tissues by removing lactic acid and adhesions
  • Helps in enhancing sports performance and promotes quicker recovery from sports injuries
  • I also offer Indian head massage treatment and back, neck and shoulder massage.

    Helping to relieve pain

    If you’re suffering from the pain caused by an injury, contact me today. I can conduct a thorough consultation and customise my massage treatments to help reduce your pain. I provide mobile massage treatments making it easier for you. Call me today.

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